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We Believe Insurance Is Not Just Insurance.

It’s A Vital Tool To Help Grow Your Business ​

When is insurance not just insurance? When it’s delivered with a genuine passion and desire to see South African businesses not only survive, but thrive.


The South African business landscape is unlike any other. 

Exciting, dynamic and incredibly diverse, we have giant corporations working alongside small and medium enterprises, sole proprietors and informal traders. 

But big or small, business is what makes our country work.

Creating economic stability and employment, and bringing pride and dignity into the lives of so many hard-working South Africans.

Which is why it’s so worrying that so few SMEs in South Africa have adequate insurance. In the event of something going wrong, insurance is what helps your business get back on its feet more quickly, minimising any negative effect on your operations.

Without it, you leave yourself dangerously exposed, risking financial loss from which you may not recover. This not only damages your business, but has a knock on effect on our economy too.

At XonRisk, we offer bespoke insurance and risk solutions for South African SMEs and corporates. We specialise in:


Domestic Insurance

Commercial Insurance

performance guarantees

Special & Niche Insurance

Including Engineering Risks, Marine & Aviation Risks

Specialist Liability

Including Cyber Liability

Your Business’ Safety Net

South Africa has a worrying lack of insurance offerings that suit our dynamic business landscape. That can cater for the unique and diverse needs of large corporates as well as SMEs – without compromising cover or service to either. As a broker, XonRisk is committed to finding the ones that do, only partnering with insurers who are as passionate about protecting your business as we are.

At XonRisk, we believe passionately in listening to our clients’ needs and developing solutions specific to their unique challenges. We’re not afraid to go against the grain and deviate from the norm. We believe in the need to do things differently in order to do them properly. And we believe wholeheartedly in the deep and intrinsic value of insurance as a mechanism to achieve growth.

By providing expert advice on risk, and facilitating the provision of essential insurance for our clients, we help businesses restore their liquidity and operations quickly and efficiently after experiencing loss or damage. We strive to deliver a level of service and educational initiatives that will change the way South Africans look at insurance.


We aim to drive insurance penetration deeper into the SME sector to help create stronger, viable and sustainable businesses that continue to make even more valuable contributions to our economy.​


By South Africans
For South Africans

XonRisk’s three directors have a combined total of over 50 years in the South African insurance industry.

As a majority black female-owned brokerage, we have partnered with the respected independent insurance broker Econorisk to help drive transformation in the industry.

Together, as a proudly South African partnership, we epitomise the exciting possibilities that arise when South African citizens and businesses work together to build real solutions to the challenges in our industry and our country.